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Open Karaite Initiative

The Karaite Press (a project of the Karaite Jews of America) is seeking to bring all of our works online. If you have any particular expertise in creating a text-searchable platform, please reach out to us at info@thekaraitepress.com.

In the meantime the following books are available for free download. If you are able, we encourage you to make a tax-deductible donation to The Karaite Press.

With the exception of The Karaite Jews of Egypt, the Karaite Jews of America owns the copyright on all books sold on this site. You are free to directly quote up to 10 pages of any of the works sold on our site for any academic purpose (articles, blogs, textbooks, and responsa). 

See below for important use restrictions.




Esther Explained breathes new life into the Book of Esther with a modern translation of the Megillah. The Book of Esther is annotated in Hebrew and English with commentary by the 11th century Karaite sage Hakham Ya'aqov ben Re'uven. His commentary, entitled Pitron Ahashwerosh, is excerpted from his larger work Sefer Ha'Osher (or the "Book of Wealth"). This publication marks an important step in bringing the works of this classical Karaite sage to wider audiences, and is the first known English-language translation of the commentary.

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Keter Torah is a commentary on the Torah by the Karaite Sage Aaron ben Elijah. It is considered by many to be the most important Karaite commentary on the Torah. Its importance lies in the breadth of its commentary, its willingness to interact with Rabbanite opinion in a respectful manner, and its summary of many prior Karaite opinions. 

The Open Karaite Initiative is releasing a draft of a few sections. 

Parashat Devarim (Hebrew and English): Download here.

Parashat Shofetim (English): Download here.


The Palanquin is a letter written by Ḥakham Solomon ben Aaron to a Swedish professor at the University of Riga. The letter is a response to questions posed by the professor. Across 24 brief chapters,  Ḥakham Solomon ben Aaron explains the major religious tenets of the Polish-Lithuanian Karaite movement of the late 17th and early 18th centuries. This edition contains vocalized Hebrew text and annotations that elaborate on the themes of the work.

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This volume presents for the first time in English the surviving fragments of the Books of Commandments of Ḥakham Binyamin al-Nahawandi and Ḥakham Daniel al-Kumisi. These individuals were two outstanding figures who shaped the growing Karaite movement in the 9th century CE.

We have beautifully typeset the Hebrew, Judeo-Arabic, and English on opposing pages for ease of verifying our translation against the originals.

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A short practical guide to the Jewish practice of Ritual Slaughter from a Karaite perspective. The Karaite community in Egypt was taught this text as part of its essential curriculum on slaughter.

Note that the print edition contains a scan of a 20th century handwritten notebook with Hebrew and Arabic text of these rules. We have not included it in this link (simply due to file size limitations).


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Important Use Restrictions

You are free to use these books for research, to post them online at another page, etc. You cannot turn the file into a commercial product (e.g., may not create an ebook, or a print book). If you have any questions, by all means, reach out: info@thekaraitepress.com