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Ritual Slaughter: A Guide to Modern Karaite Jewish Practice

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RITUAL SLAUGHTER is a primer on modern Karaite Jewish slaughtering practices. In Egypt, Karaite Jews learned the laws of ritual slaughter in formal classes, during which a teacher wrote the laws on a chalkboard in both Hebrew and Arabic. Students copied both the Hebrew and Arabic texts into personal notebooks. For the first time, the modern Karaite Jewish laws of shehita (“ritual slaughter”) are presented in English with annotations and explanations to guide the reader. We have also appended a copy of the notebook of one of the Egyptian Karaite students.

The cover of this book depicts Karaite Jewish butchers, a former Karaite butcher shop, and portions the notebook of an Egyptian Karaite Jew.

***This book was published by The Karaite Jews of America.***

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